On Saturday 6 April 2019, from 7pm a reunion is planned ...  Teachers are already invited ...
DON'T make excuses ... You'll spend at least £10 'Talking-Trash' this year with strangers ! 

Invest £10 in paying to attend the 55th Anniversary Reunion at Hamilton Road
(AND 'Talk-Trash' with people who know you better than you do !!

Be there ... OR ... watch repeats / replays on "Dave" / "iPlayer" ...
(The alternatives are "mind-blowing" ... NOT !!!)

The Reunion will have...

* Food & Music from 7-11pm with two bars selling a selection of fine beers, spirits, wines and soft drinks ...

* PLUS a selection of faces from your Past, Present AND Future  ;-?

* £10 in advance (health & safety limit is 400 people) 

Details here on  www.bdreunions.com ... OR check-out facebook for details  
The Reunion is a chance to catch-up with friends you probably haven't seen or heard of for years / decades. 

Background Music won't stop you talking to one-another ... (so no need to turn hearing aids up, down, off or EVEN on ;-!) 

FINALLY your Favourite Teachers have been invited ... Names will listed on the 'Who's Coming' page by a couple of months before the reunion.
... (AND there may be some 'Extra-Curricular Classes' ... for the Chosen Few ;-!)
Can You SP@T the Deliberate Mistake ...  (1st correct reply gets a prize ;-!)
Can You SP@T the Deliberate Mistake ... (1st correct reply gets a prize ;-!)
Yet again, the organisers (Terence North & I) had to make a go / no-go decision on the 10 November B.D. Reunion ... Sadly interest is low :-(

To be viable we we need commitment (AND ideally £10 payment in advance from at least 100 people) ... Otherwise we would have pay for overheads (drinks , entertainment, food & venue) ourselves ... in the hope that sufficient people turn-up on the night ...

We are NOT prepared to do this ... NOR compromise B.D. /invited teachers to a low turn-out event.

AS LESS than 100 PEOPLE filled-out an R.S.V.P. on this website, the event WILL be POSTPONED ...

The next planned all-school reunion was to be in 2023 (60th year)... by which time many former pupils & teachers will have moved-on ... (OR gone to "The BIG Classroom in the Sky" :-( )

Miss Villa suggested we hold the next Reunion in the Spring Time.  The actual date will be announced soon, when we can get a date with the School that is not clashing with a large sporting event, a huge public gathering and the like.  Stay tuned to this page for more details as and when they have been agreed.

The decision is YOURS ... R.S.V.P. or Reject YOUR Old-School Reunion ...
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