Some of the Former-Pupils attending are listed below (this does NOT include their Bishop Douglass guests) & we request B.D. guests to ALSO fill out the R.S.V.P. so that we can capture essential information & more details (IF Former-Pupils want to be informed of future reunions).

Some of the Former Teachers              We have invited 115 teachers of BD,
who have confirmed                              these are unable to make this Reunion,
attendance are:                                        (with 02 in brackets if they can make the next
(Alphabetially listed)                                Reunion):
* new/changed since last week.
The remaining Teachers (not listed above) were on holiday when we contacted them - we expected more responses as the days go on..  Which we did
IMPORTANT - the PART 2 date (Saturday, 10 November, 2018) is NOT close to a school or public holiday week/day.  We are expecting more Teachers being available for PART 1. 
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Guest RSVP'd
Rosalind Abrahams (Abrahams)
Wilfred Achille
Eric Albani
Teresa Conway (Barrow)
Sylvia Bouaka (BouakaStone)
Christine Minguillon (Burnett)
Anna Burns
Andrew Caulfield
Terry Connolly
Debby Heath (Connor)
Gina Fazzani (Cornock)
Peter De Campi
Dermott Donnelly
John Ernster
Stephen Fallon
Renata Soracchi (Giacobazzi)
Vanessa As Above (Gonzalez-Flower)
Martine Wilson (Hebblethwaite)
Christine Hanley (Keane)
Tony McCollum
Joe McEvoy
Tess Bradley (McEvoy)
Yvonne Tomei (Merola)
Michael O'Connor
Anne O’sullivan (O’sullivan)
Ann Olse
M Quinn
Nina Kennedy (Shillabeer)
Ivana Silva
Quentin Smith
Darryl Telles
Pauline Evans (Tissen)
Sheila Holmes (togher)
Sharon Sweeney (Watts)
Paul Wilkinson (Wilkinson)
Catherine Wolff
Total 36